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by barbara waters

Two Dolla did it - the hair has been buzzed. Thanks so much to all who contributed to her efforts to raise funds for breast cancer research!

I was hoping that with your help we could see Wendy go over her goal by $100 - instead her total now stands at $5230! You all Rock! And, so does Wendy/Two Dolla and all of her friends.

Yes, I know this is a knitting blog.

What, you might be asking yourselves, does any of this have to do with knitting? Well, I found Wendy and Robin and others because of the auction they held to raise funds. Remember the green and purple bag I won? Yup, knitted.

And, Robin knits socks!!! See, knitting.

Thanks for bearing with me, y’all. And, I can announce it here now -

Jaime wins the purple moose.
Robin gets the purple moose socks - and
Angie gets a very special gift from Alaska for putting us over the top.

(of course - only Jaime has sent me her mailing address - so, Robin and Angie, toss me an email so I can send your goodies to you)

Thanks, everyone!!!

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