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Special Olympics need

by barbara waters

This is mentioned over at Creative Mom , and I have read about the project at other sites as well. The picture, btw, is of the scarf that CM is working on. Nicely done, Lynn!

You can find the following information at the Special Olympics official website:

Anyone can make and submit a scarf for the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games Scarf Project, we just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines in order to maintain consistency:

Colors: Red Heart Yarn Color 0885-Delft Blue and 0311-White
Length: Approximately 4 ½” x 50”
**Yarn is available at Walmart, where it can be purchased for a nominal fee, or through .**

Once finished, place scarves in plastic bags with your name and address on a note card** along with a personal note to the athlete and mail or deliver them to:

2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games Scarf Project
3150 W. Main Street
Boise, ID 83702

**Please note, personal information cannot be shared with the delegation members and should not be included in the notes that accompany scarves. We ask that you separate your contact information from the personal notes, so the World Winter Games can thank you appropriately for your support. Within the personal notes, please include only your signature on these notes and do not include contact information such as phone numbers, addresses or email.**

Scarves must be received by no later than January 15, 2009.

This looks like a great - and quick - project. A simple scarf can be crafted in a weekend - and there seems to be a LOT of leeway in how to make the scarves. This is one of those times that I like to just look into my computer and tease you a bit by saying . . .

Come on, you KNOW you wanna!

Thanks to Lessa for sending me the link and to Lynn for writing about it - and taking part.

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