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She lives! and contests and such

by barbara waters

yeah, um, hi there! Okay, I’ve been a baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd blogger . . . but I’ve been a gooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd knitter! You see, there are only SO MANY hours in my days - and I HAVE to fill some of them with work stuff. Sigh! There’s that whole thing about eating - and paying bills - and the like.

But, I THINK about writing about knitting . . . every time I pick up my needles and some yarn, I think I should write and let you know what I’ve been knitting. ;)

But then I start knitting and soon it is too late (for me) to come back here and write it all out for you.


So, here’s a picture for you . . . of the sock monkey dishcloth I just finished.

Some folks we know recently opened up a coffee shop/sandwich & soup shop . . . called the Funky Monkey. With a name like that, of COURSE they have monkeys throughout the decor. So, I am thinking that they NEED a monkey dishcloth. No? Yup they do!

Gonna take it to them tomorrow after I get off work.


Oh my goodness, yes, I did promise to tell you about a contest . . . and it is fixing to end THURSDAY the 25th!!!!! Yes, that’s like NOW, folks.

So, get on over to Lessa’s Parenting Teens blog and post your comment - tell her you want one of the books she is giving away. Come on . . . you know you wanna. And, hey! You have a really GREAT chance of winning one of the books at this point.

Do you want a bit of snarky attitude with your morning juice and toast? Can you stand up for a little bit o’lessa with your cream o’wheat? Is your day just NOT complete without hearing about the life and times of a 30 something widowed mama raising three teens (or soon to be teen in the case of the Pup)????

Then you need a daily dose of Lessa. She tells it like it is - from watching your “baby” boy handle sharp and pointy things, to seeing that sweet, tow-headed little angel becoming a grumpy ol’ bad boy, who is learning to drive, learning to be a grown up, learning to like girls (appropriately). And, don’t forget the girls . . . and shopping trips for the homecoming dance . . . which said tow-headed little angel asked a GIRL to go to with him!!!!!

Yup, it’s all there. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to sit back and read about the SAME things happening two houses down to the very same daughter who did them to US several years ago. Ahhhhh, satisfaction is living long enough to watch your younguns going through the same angst they put you through. ;)

Now, go on . . . git . . . go visit Lessa. You know you wanna!

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