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Paying it Forward

by barbara waters

colors2.JPGsooooooo - over at ravelry I was reading through various folks’ comments and I came across one talking about just how many knitting blogs there are out there . . . and whether any of us have the time - or the impetus - to read each and every one of them every day. One person had whittled her list down, eliminating any that had not been updated in a period of time. She still had 173 on her reading list.

If you take an average of 5-10 minutes per blog to read the latest post, that would take 1730 minutes - or a smidge over 28 hours! Holey moley, folks . . . I know what I have to say isn’t that important (hey! quit agreeing so fast there!) Really are any of us that important?

But one of the ravelers reminded me of a truism . . . when you visit a blog, it is nice to let the writer know you were there, and that you had a good time while you visited.

So, I’m going to pay it forward by sending you to visit Woolgathered and ask you to check out her entry on paying it forward. A comment telling her something she does NOT know just might get you a surprise from her. So, what have you got to lose? Go on now . . . click the link, check out the blog, leave a comment, and maybe, just maybe you’ll get a surprise.

Most of all . . . . maybe, just maybe, you’ll gain a new blog (number 174 anyone?) to begin to follow. I know that as I have read blogs over the years and have become more familiar with the writers, that I have found friends out there in the big blue ether.

I’ll bet you can say the same.

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