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Paying it Forward

by barbara waters

Awhile back Woolgatherer posted an entry about paying it forward. She went on to say that SHE would like to run a bit of a contest to find others who would then pay it forward.

When it came time, seven names were covered with catnip and tossed in a bowl, stirred around, then tossed to the floor where the wool gathering kitties chose THEIR favorite. I received word this morning that certain kitties LOVE me. How cool are those kitties?!

Now comes my part in our deal . . . it is time for me to pay it forward to a reader of this blog. How to decide,though?

So . . . I will hold a commenting contest as well. With a prize in it for the winner. (while I am not owned by kitties, I do have grand kiddies who love me and who will help with choosing the winner.) Comment in this post telling me what Pay it Forward means to you.

The caveat, as with Woolgatherer, is that (if you win) you must promise that you will then pay it forward in some fashion . . . and make a post about it, pointing back to this column. Okay? We’re all on the same page, right?

And, for those of you who might come by . . . who do not write on a blog - journal - facebook - myspace somewhere (what???? there are people who still do not have one???) . . . then I ask you to comment here what you will be doing to pay it forward. How’s that for a plan?

Prizes! Of course there will be prizes! I will have three winners and each of you will receive a year’s supply of knitted (by me) dishcloths . . . twelve in all - one for each month - for each of you.

Now, I’m pretty quick, but I would ask for a bit of time to get them to all three of you. Is that a deal?

Okay . . . ready, set . . . COMMENT . . . this contest ends midnight Alaska time February 28th. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can notify you and we can exchange snail mail addresses.

6 Responses to “Paying it Forward”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I am looking for someone to save my farm. I have gone through a messy messy Divorce, my husband ran off with a lady from Ireland and all we have is a farm with horses and I am running out of funds to keep it alive and going forward. He left he with a huge mortgage and I will probably lose it if I do not receive help.

    I am asking everyone to donate $100 if possible. Google the address to see that is true.

    Thank you all for listening to paying it forward


    Barbara, in the interest of your safety, I have removed your address - should people wish to contact you through me I will pass that on. For the time being I will leave your post, although it does not really meet the criteria of this post which is how we all can pay it forward. I do wish you the best.

  2. Nikki Says:

    Hmm, what pay it forward means to me… mostly it means sharing my good fortune with others who need it. Could be a smile or a hug (or today I’m handing out hugs and kisses (of the chocolate variety) to coworkers!) or buying someone lunch or just sharing a good time.

    Maybe even sending a card and knitting book to a Rav friend who’s had a bad run of luck ;)

  3. Pamela Says:

    Paying it forward is something I try to do everyday. Most are small: letting people go ahead of me in a checkout line, holding a door for someone, giving a parking space to the person behind me waiting, giving stamps, and always saying, “please, thank you, you’re welcome” with a HUGE SMILE! It is amazing how these little things make a difference… I then say, “Just remember to pay-it-forward.” It always makes me feel better! Of course, 12 hand-knit dishcloths would be a treasure for me - I think I would share this story and post with a friend on their birthday with a dishcloth for their birthday month. And ask that they ‘pay-it-forward.’ Then I would like to gather all my knitting supplies and take up this wonderful hobby again, making it my goal to knit socks for all the preemie babies in our neonatal unit at our local hospital for a commitment of this year, 2009. I am not sure how fast I will produce these as it has been awhile, but 1 each week for 45 weeks will be my goal. And, to teach my daughter to knit! She’s been after me for quite sometime - four hands will be faster than two, also! So there is my desire for pay-it-forward… I await other posts with their ideas. Barbara, such a good idea for a ‘contest’ with a heart. Thanks for starting the possibilities. Country Gal

  4. Creative Mom Cafe » Blog Archive » Knitted Dishcloths Says:

    [...] Which brings me to the point of this post. Knitted Passion, a fine knitting blog right here at 451 Press, is having a contest for knitted dishcloths. [...]

  5. Jennymcb Says:

    Paying it forward for me means that I just try to do the unexpected things that makes something easier for people. I work in a hospital that has just finished some construction so I will approach people who look lost to ask if they need help.

    I am not one to join committees, but will step in and help out coaches at meets to make it easier for them to do the important stuff, like work with the kids. It’s hard for me to sit back when there’s things that can be done. We aren’t rich, but time costs nothing and that’s how I pay it forward, by giving time to others.

    Great blog! Will need to come by often. Came over from the Dishcloth KAL

  6. Kim aka Mommyton Says:

    What a great idea! So even thought I am not a blogger (shocker I know since you KNOW I have so much to say) I thought I would come over here and comment. We believe in pay ti forward in our household! We teach our boys that it is better to give than to receive and if you are generous when you need it, it comes back around. When my youngest was very sick last month it still warms my heart to think of all the people that wold stop by his hospital room to see us, wish us prayers, and healing. I had a few people stop by his room that I use to work with when I worked at the hospital. They would tell me, you probably don’t remember this but you……and it meant SO much to me. I just wanted to see if there is anything you need now. Just a warm hello, a hug, a simple gesture can mean so much and make a lasting impression that you may never realize! So with that in mind, if I were to win please select someone else and/or donate your beautiful gift to someone who needs a little bit of love or a pick me up. I just wanted to let you know great I think this contest is!

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