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by barbara waters

I got down to the last TWO rows - one row of seed stitch and the cast off row - and look what happened . . .

yup - ran totally out of the yarn. I wasn’t paying attention - the yarn was in a bag at my feet while I was knitting the cloth . . . I’d knitted two other cloths from the same skein . . . well, it was bound to happen. But, TWO rows? Yeah, that kinda bites.

So, I set it aside and started on another project until we could back to the store tonight to pick up another ball of the same color.

Hubby, punny fellow that he is, asked me what I would be doing with the rest of the ball of cotton. Ha ha ha ha . . . punny, punny, punny. It’ll be made up into other cloths, right? Right!

So, I hope to do several more of the swimsuit pattern - different colors for each, though. I’d like to give them to the ladies I swim with at the pool each morning. They can use them for their after swim showers - or they can use them for dishes - or whatever.

Speaking of doing whatever you want with them . . . remember the Funky Monkey cloth? Hubby and I stopped by for lunch today and I asked the owner if his wife had liked it. He said yup. Then she came out a bit later and hubby told her that she could use it, you know . . she said “thanks . . . I probably won’t, but thanks.”

ha ha ha ha

That seems to be a big question on ravelry - do any of us USE the cloths we make or receive . . . or do we put them in a drawer somewhere and admire them from afar? I do a bit of both. I use some and admire others.

Mostly I share them with folks I care about.

Like the swimmers.


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