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Fair warning . . .

by barbara waters

. . . to this columnist . . . a week from Tuesday I will be boarding a flight in Anchorage - heading “Outside” to Indiana for a work-related conference. I will most likely be packing some yarn and needles . . . and I may just have some in my carry on to occupy my time while stuffed into that teensy square the airlines sell as a seat.

Along with many knitters over on ravelry, I take offense at your snarkiness - oh, not about the needles - although, hey! If you haven’t tried knitting, come on over from the dark side of your world and let me (or someone else) teach you. Actually I take offense at how you described your seat mate, the knitter.

I am a woman of size - I knit - I do NOT (nor, I will bet did your seatmate) smell badly. Well, sometimes my smeller is off and I cannot smell, so THEN I smell badly - hahaha. But, my person does not smell.

As one raveler put it, when YOU get to be a person over 40 with a slowed down metabolism, let’s see how YOU deal with that weight that just will NOT go away, no matter what you do.

You’re a self described “travel columnist” and yet you “hadn’t flown anywhere in a while.” Again, quoting a fellow raveler . . . what? Do you just travel on your high horse? ;)

Seriously now . . . snarkiness set aside . . . I think you were just tired - didn’t really want to be on a crowded plane (buy 1st class next time, maybe - just sayin’) and you were hoping, just like all of we persons of size, to have that empty seat next to you remain empty. I hear that.

So, try not to be on any planes going between Alaska and Indiana on the 18th because I will be - size and needles and all. And, yes, I would likely try to engage you in polite conversation as well. So, if we are seatmates, remind me of who you are and what you write and I will turn off MY light, close MY eyes, and pretend YOU are not even there.

Fair enough? Fair enough.


2 Responses to “Fair warning . . .”

  1. Kere Says:

    Hiya! I followed your link on the thread! Good article. I suppose that it’d be common courtesy to tell said “travel writer” that I’ll be flying around the desert southwest alot for work in the next three months, so she may want to avoid flights in our area too. Luckily, I don’t smell either, but I am slightly larger than what is currently acceptable. And I knit. But I use wooden needles which are quieter. I’ll be sure to pack some nice LOUD metal needles, so I can switch over in case any disgruntled “travel writers” who need a column sit next to me.

  2. Eileen Says:

    what a funny sign..:) nice shot!!! Happy new year to you..

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