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Brother XM2701 Review

9.5 Total Score
Excellent Choice!

This model is packed with many features that are friendly to beginners but also can help them grow with their sewing experience and skills. It receives a very high rating on Amazon! Highly Recommended!

  • Many midrange features at an entry level price, as well as being simple to setup
  • The light is LED so it will not get hot and burn the operator if accidently touched
  • Includes an instructional DVD as well as a booklet with more detailed instructions
  • 25 years limited warranty
  • The presser foot is not pressure-adjustable and some users complain that the pressure is too great

Today we will be reviewing the Brother XM2701. It is a beginner sewing machine from a brand that we have come to know and trust: Brother. Coming in with a big discount, it is not an expensive machine. It is targeted towards amateur sewers who are looking for a fair amount of features at a fair price.

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Brother XM2701 Key Features

Free-armed with 27 Stitch Patterns – The machine has 27 programmed stitch patterns that are activated by turning the knob on its base. A nice picture guide with a legend correlates the number on the knob with a small graphic of what the stitch looks like. This is great for those who are not yet familiar with what all of the named patterns (like the zigzag) actually look. This includes decorative stitches for those who not only want to sew fabric together but to also create an eye pleasing design with thread.

6 Quick Changing Feet – As with every machine, an assortment of feet to feed different types of fabric is essential. Fortunately, Brother has come up with a quick connecting feet design in order to be able to change them out without much trouble. This is especially nice for those more novice sewers.

LED Lit – Oftentimes with entry level machines, there is dim light coming from a tiny bulb, or none at all. This model thankfully comes with an LED setup that covers the work area thoroughly.

Easy To Use – One thing we often hear from those new to the world of sewing is how complicated and headache-inducing it can be. The XM2701 set out to combat that issue. Rather than having to do it by hand, it contains a built-in needle threader, as well as a bobbin that is resistant to jams.

Brother XM2701 Review


There are other models (even by Brother) that are more expensive with more features, as well as others that are a bit cheaper with less. The XM2701, however, is packed full of value and combines the best of both worlds. It is a fantastic choice for an amateur sewer looking for a machine that is more capable than the most basic of machines, as well as not being overly complicated (and overly expensive) with doo-dads that they likely won’t use for a long time. If this resonates with you, then look no further than this special model.

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