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Brother LS2125i Review

8.5 Total Score
Good for Beginners!

This is a very basic model, but it has essential features for beginners to start learning sewing. Its portability also makes it a good choice for sewers who need to take a machine frequently.

  • Light, portable, but still fully capable
  • Inexpensive, but not cheap in quality
  • Enough features to get basic projects completed without a hassle
  • Not overly complicated to operate
  • Some users complain that the machine sometimes unthreads because of the wheel getting caught
  • Difficulty with feeding stretch fabric

The LS2125i, titled the “Everyday Sewing Machine”, is a small, light item that can be packed up and brought anywhere. It is not pegged as the workhorse of your sewing arsenal, but rather a convenient and easy to use anywhere tool. It is a great choice for those experienced sewers looking to add something more portable to their collection and beginners looking to learn the basics.With a price tag under $80, you won’t find a less expensive model from a reliable brand like Brother.

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Brother LS2125i Key Features

Free-arm with 10 Built-in Stitches – For entry level consumers, a free-arm model with a limited number of stitches is actually a good thing. Rather than getting lost and confused with too many available options (the jelly section at the supermarket, anyone!?), this model contains basic but necessary stitch patterns such as the blind hem, zigzag, and stretch.

4 Step Buttonholer – A buttonholer is essential for any sewer looking to learn. Although not quite as easy to use as a 1 step buttonholer (available on more expensive models), some would argue that understanding how to use a 4 step buttonholer is a helpful addition to a sewer’s bank of knowledge.

Carrying Handle – Rather than being limited to simply the novice looking to learn, the product is also marketed for those looking for a secondary machine to take with them. It is small, light, and easy to transport, especially with the use of its built-in carrying handle. Whether to a friend’s house to sew together (sewing party, anyone!?) or to bring to teach others at a class, there is great utility in being able to transport the item wherever you wish.

Three Presser Feet – In addition to these other key features, this model also comes with 3 different presser feet to feed different types of fabric through it. Although some machines may come with many more, they are unnecessary for the scope of this one. It is made to be small and light and a wide assortment of presser feet are unnecessary. In fact, it is impressive that they were able to even include a built-in storage area with room for three feet into its small frame.

Brother LS2125i Review


This particular item comes with a basic set of features that will complete your fun projects. In addition, it is a good sewing machine for beginners to learn the basics (and you won’t be upset it if they break something!), as well as a backup or portable sewer for those that already have a more heavy duty model. It is fully capable of completing simple projects. For completing simple projects, using it a portable teaching tool, or giving it to a first-time sewer, we highly recommend the LS2125i by Brother.

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