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About Me;
Well, I am an Alaskan, transplanted from Ohio in 1978. That makes me ALMOST a longtimer/sourdough. Of course, “sourdough” has a different definition (sour on alaska but not enough dough to leave) and that does NOT fit me. ;) I still love Alaska.

I’m wife to Art for nearly 38 years - May 10th - and mom to two grown daughters, one of whom writes for 451 Press (check out the Watching Survivor blog and give Lessa a shout out.)

But the best part of having lived as long as I have (57 years and counting) is that I have seven gorgeous grandkiddos. I will add photos of them from time to time, so check back.

For now - here is a “hair today - gone tomorrow” photo of hubby. He works at the middle school as a “shadow” for a student. Another student in the school has been diagnosed with cance and is in treatment. The parents of her schoolmates have been doing fundraisers. One was tonight - where folks had their hair cut for Locks of Love and paid to have their hair styled - that money goes to the family. God bless my hubby - he has NOT had a hair cut in better than 5 years.

artresses.JPGbefore - taken 04-01-07


hairbgone.JPGfreshly shorn - taken 04-02-07

I enjoy knitting - am an avid reader - love playing with and spoiling all seven grands (ages 3-15 years). Above all, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am blessed to be called His daughter.

When I’m not here you can find me at my blog: The PurpleMoose Gazette.

About Knitting Passion

Is knitting really a passion? On THIS blog it is - for all who come here. Blog entries will be made up of patterns, photos of in-progress or completed work - off the wall discussions about whatever tickles the author's fancy (Survivor Knitting anyone?). This can be as much YOUR blog as it is the current author's. Questions will be entertained and answers sought diligently. Comments are always welcome - and information ALWAYS appreciated. Will there be stories and pictures of the stash of yarn or the duplicated knitting needles? Will there be more off the wall ideas for knitting? Will there be original patterns or freebies cited? Only the dark of night and the author's amount of caffeine or sleep can determine that.

Ready? ONE - TWO - GET SET - KNIT!

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