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Monday, September 29th, 2008

I got down to the last TWO rows - one row of seed stitch and the cast off row - and look what happened . . .

yup - ran totally out of the yarn. I wasn’t paying attention - the yarn was in a bag at my feet while I was knitting the cloth . . . I’d knitted two other cloths from the same skein . . . well, it was bound to happen. But, TWO rows? Yeah, that kinda bites.

So, I set it aside and started on another project until we could back to the store tonight to pick up another ball of the same color.

Hubby, punny fellow that he is, asked me what I would be doing with the rest of the ball of cotton. Ha ha ha ha . . . punny, punny, punny. It’ll be made up into other cloths, right? Right!

So, I hope to do several more of the swimsuit pattern - different colors for each, though. I’d like to give them to the ladies I swim with at the pool each morning. They can use them for their after swim showers - or they can use them for dishes - or whatever.

Speaking of doing whatever you want with them . . . remember the Funky Monkey cloth? Hubby and I stopped by for lunch today and I asked the owner if his wife had liked it. He said yup. Then she came out a bit later and hubby told her that she could use it, you know . . she said “thanks . . . I probably won’t, but thanks.”

ha ha ha ha

That seems to be a big question on ravelry - do any of us USE the cloths we make or receive . . . or do we put them in a drawer somewhere and admire them from afar? I do a bit of both. I use some and admire others.

Mostly I share them with folks I care about.

Like the swimmers.


Crazy, babeeee

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Laughing Purple Goldfish has come up with a fun and interesting way to dispose of all those “leftovers” in her yarn stash.

She ties the ends together and rewinds into balls of vari-colored and vari-styled and vari-lengthed yarns. Then she crochets (I would likely knit) projects out of three strands of the stuff. First of all, as someone whose blog is dedicated to crafting with reclaimed and recycled materials, I think she has hit on a really great way of doing just that.

Several months ago I sent off a big box of leftover balls of yarn to a fellow raveler for her youngster to use. But you know what? I have accumulated more since then. So I am thinking that this would be a good - and fun - way to take care of those bits and pieces.

I hope you will go over and read the Laughing Purple Goldfish blog - besides it being a great name you (and I) may just be able to get some ideas you/we might use.

And, what with the price of fuel and cost of living these days, it might be wise of each of us to utilize such methods as these for Christmas gifts and the like. Hmmm . . . the wheels are churning right now with ideas. ;)

In the meantime, as you visit her blog, drop her a note of sympathy. Her dear mother passed away Thursday and that is a sad time. Her Friday post is a tribute to her mother and beautifully written. She is celebrating her life.

I did that yesterday as I attended a memorial service for the son of friends. His mom is a coworker, his sister a former coworker and his dad swims with me each week. And, I used to ride motorcycle with him. Lots of people to keep in mind and prayers.

Special Olympics need

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

This is mentioned over at Creative Mom , and I have read about the project at other sites as well. The picture, btw, is of the scarf that CM is working on. Nicely done, Lynn!

You can find the following information at the Special Olympics official website:

Anyone can make and submit a scarf for the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games Scarf Project, we just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines in order to maintain consistency:

Colors: Red Heart Yarn Color 0885-Delft Blue and 0311-White
Length: Approximately 4 ½” x 50”
**Yarn is available at Walmart, where it can be purchased for a nominal fee, or through .**

Once finished, place scarves in plastic bags with your name and address on a note card** along with a personal note to the athlete and mail or deliver them to:

2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games Scarf Project
3150 W. Main Street
Boise, ID 83702

**Please note, personal information cannot be shared with the delegation members and should not be included in the notes that accompany scarves. We ask that you separate your contact information from the personal notes, so the World Winter Games can thank you appropriately for your support. Within the personal notes, please include only your signature on these notes and do not include contact information such as phone numbers, addresses or email.**

Scarves must be received by no later than January 15, 2009.

This looks like a great - and quick - project. A simple scarf can be crafted in a weekend - and there seems to be a LOT of leeway in how to make the scarves. This is one of those times that I like to just look into my computer and tease you a bit by saying . . .

Come on, you KNOW you wanna!

Thanks to Lessa for sending me the link and to Lynn for writing about it - and taking part.

Linkage is better than Leakage ;)

Friday, September 26th, 2008

condom1 . . . much better! ;) I wrote recently about making condom amulets and that article was mentioned over at Casual Finds.

The author talks about finding a heart necklace that was purported to be a condom holder from the 1920s era. She says: I guess I knew people in the 1920s had sex but it’s hard to imagine teenagers with acne trying to get it on with each other and being prepared if anything should happen.

Yeah, we all find that hard to imagine, I guess. That might be why so many teens (and not just teens) find themselves with unexpected pregnancies and/or stds.

I’m a gramma to 8 “babies”. One is waiting for us beyond this earth and 7 are growing MUCH faster than even I who have raised my own “babies” could imagine. (The oldest is a head and a half TALLER than I am! Sheesh! And, his next sibling has now topped over me as well. The nerve!)

I guess I really cannot talk much about the 20s except to know that they were considered wild and wooly! Hence the name Roaring 20s. ;)

So, maybe it was unusual for a woman to carry a condom in a heart necklace. But, maybe . . . just maybe HER mama talked openly and honestly with her about safe(r) sex and found the perfect jewelry item for her to wear. How very new millenium of her, huh?

Re-reading the author’s note I wonder if TODAY’s teens are the ones being referenced as the acne’d teens “getting it on” while being prepared. Perhaps . . . but I think that today’s teens are maybe (just maybe) a bit further ahead than even the teens of my generation (those long ago wild and wooly 60’s). I would hope so . . . and I would hope that we as the older gen would talk openly and honestly with our teens about such things, and arm them with the ammunition they need. (Knowledge is the BEST ammo, btw)

One can always hope.

Hey! and thanks for the linkage!

Snoop, snoop, snoopedy-lou

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Last day to sign up for Lessa’s giveaway . . . run on over there, we’ll wait for you to come back . . . doo, doo, do, do, do, doo . . . back? Cool!

It’s that old beagle looking just fine.

Just finished this cloth today - have another one cast on. Hubby asked me to make a couple for him to give away. Had to be in blue - one of the company he represents features the beagle as their mascot and the color is blue. So it was a natural.

This Saturday at his special group meeting he will give away at least the first one and, if I get it done, the second one as well.

At least I’ll have the picture. haha

This is another pattern found through the Dish cloth group over at Ravelry. Weekly the moderator posts one or two patterns for everyone to try - okay, that “Everyone” is a loosely used term. It is for anyone who wants to try, but nobody is FORCED to make a dishcloth in a certain pattern.


I have learned several new techniques because of this group. And, I’ve taken part in two swaps, too. That’s a neat way to meet new people - and learn new dishcloth patterns, too.

And, it’s a way to have some fun as well. I sent to two swap partners this time - and each got one of my PurpleMoose cloths I’ve made three of them so far - the one you see at that post and the two I sent out for the swap. Funny thing is . . . all three are different. The pattern is growing its own legs and beginning to knit itself. Okay, not really . . . but it is growing and developing into a totally different cloth each time.

I need to make a couple more.

It’s a sickness . . . I know.

What’re YOU knitting? Hmmmmm?

She lives! and contests and such

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

yeah, um, hi there! Okay, I’ve been a baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd blogger . . . but I’ve been a gooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd knitter! You see, there are only SO MANY hours in my days - and I HAVE to fill some of them with work stuff. Sigh! There’s that whole thing about eating - and paying bills - and the like.

But, I THINK about writing about knitting . . . every time I pick up my needles and some yarn, I think I should write and let you know what I’ve been knitting. ;)

But then I start knitting and soon it is too late (for me) to come back here and write it all out for you.


So, here’s a picture for you . . . of the sock monkey dishcloth I just finished.

Some folks we know recently opened up a coffee shop/sandwich & soup shop . . . called the Funky Monkey. With a name like that, of COURSE they have monkeys throughout the decor. So, I am thinking that they NEED a monkey dishcloth. No? Yup they do!

Gonna take it to them tomorrow after I get off work.


Oh my goodness, yes, I did promise to tell you about a contest . . . and it is fixing to end THURSDAY the 25th!!!!! Yes, that’s like NOW, folks.

So, get on over to Lessa’s Parenting Teens blog and post your comment - tell her you want one of the books she is giving away. Come on . . . you know you wanna. And, hey! You have a really GREAT chance of winning one of the books at this point.

Do you want a bit of snarky attitude with your morning juice and toast? Can you stand up for a little bit o’lessa with your cream o’wheat? Is your day just NOT complete without hearing about the life and times of a 30 something widowed mama raising three teens (or soon to be teen in the case of the Pup)????

Then you need a daily dose of Lessa. She tells it like it is - from watching your “baby” boy handle sharp and pointy things, to seeing that sweet, tow-headed little angel becoming a grumpy ol’ bad boy, who is learning to drive, learning to be a grown up, learning to like girls (appropriately). And, don’t forget the girls . . . and shopping trips for the homecoming dance . . . which said tow-headed little angel asked a GIRL to go to with him!!!!!

Yup, it’s all there. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to sit back and read about the SAME things happening two houses down to the very same daughter who did them to US several years ago. Ahhhhh, satisfaction is living long enough to watch your younguns going through the same angst they put you through. ;)

Now, go on . . . git . . . go visit Lessa. You know you wanna!

Too cute . . . aka . . .

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

I need some of these! ;) (photo from the website.)

I found these a bit ago through a link on ravelry, and think they are just the cutest. I can’t quite convince myself to either buy one for myself . . . or to ask for one for Christmas.

Yup, I know they are totally worth the $35, but that is a lot of money to either spend on myself or to ask someone else to spend on me . . . ya know?

And, besides even THAT, do you know how much yarn I could get for $35? Well, I just “won” all this on an ebay site for less than that . . . dish cloth cotton that would have cost about $50 in the stores for about half that (including the postage).

You know, I really (REALLY) try hard to stay away from ebay . . . because I could spend so much time there and so much money saving money by shopping there . . . but after someone in a ravelry post mentioned some cotton she’d gotten (heh, rhymed!) from ebay I decided to take a peek as well. Oh, lawdie! I found some great lots at great prices - bought two and am currently watching another.

Gonna hafta stop with that one. BUT, the good news is that I am sharing the stash as well as using the stash. One of the groups I belong to on ravelry has a swap every few months - so, I can use the new stash to make cloths and to send a ball or two to my swapee. Pass on the goodies and the goodness. Yay!

And . . . just in case one of my loved ones thinks about purchasing one of the cutie-pie pins for me . . well, you KNOW that I could make one for myself. Now, if I could just find a supplier for one of those cute sets of knitting needles . . . yeah, THAT’s the trick - wonder how much THOSE cost? Hmmmm - $35 might be cheap at that.
;) ;)

Friends in the Knitting World

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I just checked in at and found that someone new had friended me. The message read thus: John McCain has added you as a friend


how about now?

Wanna know his favorite curse word? Heh . . . no, that’s it . . . according to “his” profile, his favorite curse word is heh . . . yeah, I know I use it a lot myself.

There are several political groups/forums over at ravelry. And, several of them are supportive of the McCain/Palin ticket. Others, of course, are for the other guys. Some of the forums are friendlier than the others. Some are more vindictive.

You would not believe just how intense a knitter can be - seriously. It’s surprising. Well, it is to me at any rate.

Personally, I will repeat it yet again as it apparently bears repeating, I would rather hear you say you had voted for the candidate opposed to my candidate . . . than hear you say you had not voted at all.

In my limited experience I’ve noticed that it’s the ones who do NOT vote who are the most vocal about whichever person attains a seat on the city council, school board, state senate or house, federal house or senate. The ones who do not vote are the ones who have the most to say about why this, that or the other person is wrong, incompetent, etc.

To those folks and the ones like them . . . I do not listen to your whining and complaining. If you don’t vote, you have lost your right to complain. If you voted . . . pull up a chair and fire away, my friend. Let’s talk about whatever you wanna talk about.

I think that’s fair . . . don’t you?

In knitting news, I finished a second purplemoose dishcloth and am working on a third. I’ve changed the pattern each time - it’ll be interesting to see which one is the final pattern I settle on, won’t it?

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

PurpleMoose prototype

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

My first pattern is complete and I’ve knitted up the prototype. Made some changes even as I was knitting - and, I am not totally happy with it yet. Daughter, Ladybug, tells me that I am a perfectionist - and then she asked me for the cloth - nope, not yet. I am still studying on it.

this just shows the color - when I use the flash on the camera the color goes all wonky - so, while the whole pattern doesn’t show very well, you can at least see the moosie’s head here. Cute, huh?

Here’s the whole cloth, including the words. If you look closely (like I do in all my perfectionistic self) you’ll notice that the last “e” in Purple doesn’t have the center crossbar. Yah, I don’t know WHERE my head was when I knitted that row.

Oh . . . maybe I do . . .


my first pattern!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

So, I have done it! I have designed my first dish cloth pattern! (I know, can you stand the excitement that is me?)

I printed out some graph paper and began x-ing away until I had my little purple moose (my alter ego here and here just the way I wanted him. Then I had to K and P my way through the rows until I had the pattern written out . . . and THEN (gosh, this is like real work!) I had to type it up from my notes, remembering to count the P rows right to left and the K rows left to right so it would work out right.

Now comes the real test . . . I need to knit one up to see if it looks like I think it should look - to see if it is reasonably square like a (good) dish cloth should be. In other words, now comes the hard part. So, instead of doing that I am back here telling you all about it.

I am SO bad! I now have three (I know, only three?) projects on needles in various stages of progress - and here I am ready to start another. But, this is MY design.

Should be able to post a picture of it here for you in the next couple of days - and, if you want, I would be able then to share the pattern with you. If not, then that little puppy (okay, moose) will be making its way into some gifty bags over the next months.

See, a method to my madness.

Oh - and I have a new avatar up at ravelry:

This is NOT a political blog . . . I don’t care who you decide to back in the presidential race - just get out there and vote. THAT is the main thing - making your voice heard in the ballot box.

Have a great week, everyone! And, happy September.

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