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It’s a Beautiful Day . . .

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

. . . in the neighborhood . . . lalalalala. Ah, good old Mr. Rogers and his ratty, tatty, very loved and much used sweaters. Wonder who knitted all those for him?

Yeah, I don’t know why he came to mind today. A bit nostalgic, perhaps. You know, I always enjoyed watching the show with my girls, but they didn’t like it very much - well, I guess trying to get them to watch it when they were 18 might have been too much. ;) Nah, I’m kidding.

He had his moment and his time and now he’s gone - along with all of his sweaters.


Head on over to Lessa’s Big Brother Craze page and check out what is going on in the house. Come on, you know you want to.

While you’re there, be sure to chime in on the comments contest she is holding - she made me the judge - without telling me. lol. Okay, when she told me, I agreed to do it.

But, y’all are making it hard - most of the comments are REALLY funny. See if you can top them, okay?

oh, and be sure to read about Jerry falling into the pool! Lessa, you crack me up!

I am going to have to come up with a knitted pullover sweater with BB on it for Lessa - or me, or something. Hmmmmmm it should be simple enough - just a plain pulloever (I’m seeing BLUE for some reason) with white BB in the center. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Maybe for Christmas, Lessa, maybe.

Or - a rubber duckie dishcloth for you. In honor of Qwackwhore and Eugene.

Good grief! This post has gone a little bit of EVERYWHERE! Welcome to my brain. hahahaha

It’s the comments contest , I tell you . . . . bwahahahahaha

Alaska in the front pages

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Yeah, I know this is a knitting blog and all that . . . but, hey! I’m an Alaskan and I’m an American, so it behooves me to make mention of Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin being announced yesterday as Senator McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate. Can we all say WHOOT!? I knew we could.

Sarah is some kinda lady, people. She’s a whole lotta things a whole lotta people wish they could be. And, to top it off, she’s FRUGAL! Check out this Associated Press photo:

See the dress that Piper (her youngest daughter) is wearing? That gray and black polka dotted number? Yeah, we bought the same dress a couple of weeks ago for one of OUR granddaughters . . . at the local Fred Meyer (a Kroger store in Alaska). You see, Sarah is a normal middle class mom of 5. She shops where she can get the best deals! And, how cool for the Pup to know that she is wearing the same outfit one of the first daughters wears.


So, in looking for graphics for this post, I found this one:

but, I couldn’t help letting some of my personal pride get in the way, but changing it just a wee bit . . .

heh! That’s for all the naysayers out there who keep mentioning the fact that (if elected) she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. I can handle that - because I know that she has got the grit to handle the “good old boy” network away down there in the district.

And, I’m not the only one who thinks that way - just got off the phone with my uncle in Ohio - he is a hard core Republican and I figured he was in the Dayton crowd yesterday. (Turns out he gave his tickets to someone else, so missed it) The first thing he said was “I really like her. She won’t go down there and get ‘Potomac Fever’ ” Yup, Uncle George, I agree. She’s fought against that very thing up here and, if elected, I don’t see her changing the way she does things down there.

Go, Sarah!

Oh - and to bring it back to knitting . . . when the youngest son was born, I sent him a pair of knitted socks, much like these shown. Knowing her ethics and such, the socks were probably passed on to a needy family. In fact, there was a recent announcement that she was going to host a baby shower with all items given to go to needy moms. So, that’s kinda cool, too.

If you’d like an interesting take on Sarah, read this piece that was written back in June.

Closing out August

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Holy smokes, everyone! Can you believe that September is just around the corner? I have been so blasted busy at work that I have missed the whole danged summer! Yes, it’s a learning experience, and yes, I am paid, but good grief!

Maybe it’s because the grands did not participate in little league this year, so I didn’t get out to the ball fields on a daily basis. Or, maybe it’s simply that my days run into each other pretty consistently . . . wake up early, go to the pool . . . work out for half an hour (more if the day allows it) . . . shower and dress . . . run home to change into my work duds, grab a cuppa and (maybe) breakfast and my work bag and out the door . . . to 8 hours of phones ringing and crises growing and typing to be done and, um . . . oh, yeah - my boss has been on vacation the past two weeks, and she left me in CHARGE!!!

So, um, yeah, busy, busy, busy . . . you say fall is here?????

Goodness, we are even nearing the end of Big Brother . . . and have you been by to see what is going on at Big Brother Craze? It is a wonder Lessa’s fingers have not fallen off or twisted up into pretzels, I’m telling you!

If you’re not into Big Brother, that’s okay, too. Lessa is multi-talented. She also writes Parenting Teens here at 451 press. She gets just the right amount of snark to go along with her home-grown wisdom (home grown or ingrown, you be the judge! lol)

knitting ? yup, some . . . working on a scarf for a friend right now - pics soon. The pic above? Mud/dust decorated car seen in a box store parking lot recently. I tell ya - I live in Alaska, I make my own fun. hahahaha

Condom Amulets

Monday, August 25th, 2008

A few days ago I wrote about Knitting and Safe Sex and the knitted and crochet condom amulet project mentioned at A Little Red Hen.

My needles have been busy with one of the basic patterns . . . based on the ball band dish cloth pattern. Here is a picture of the first three bags I’ve finished.

condom1 Yeah, I know . . . black on black doesn’t photograph very well . . . but they are all three from the same basic pattern. I just changed the “button” attachments - two of them actually have plastic or glass beads for the hook.

Black and red . . . the colors of one of the local high schools - the one my two oldest grandkids attend. I don’t think the small town atmosphere would allow me to distribute the condom amulets there. So, I hope to get several more finished to take to the local Planned Parenthood and the Health Clinic as both teach on and treat for STDs. What better place, huh?

And, next year during my annual lady-xam I might take some to my gyno doc. I’ve already had my appointment for this year, so missed that opportunity.

Oh, the purple? Well, as it is my age group that seemed to have started the movement - I thought it would only be appropriate to have the purple and red in honor of the Red Hats out there.


an aside here . . . Lessa has topped 100,000 visitors to Big Brother Craze this month!!!! Are you tracking the “hampsters”? Are you shaking your head as you watch and listen? Go on over and give Lessa some BB lovin’. She’s snarky - she’s witty - she makes me laugh. She’ll do the same for you!

feeling rantish???

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

So, I do a fair amount of knitting - not as much as some - more than some others. All in all, I’m a pretty typical knitter, I guess.

My budget is limited as far as how much I can spend during any given pay period - how much yarn I can buy, or how many embellishments, or how much I can spend on postage if I am sending things here and there.

Like many others in this same boat . . . I use a lot of free/shared patterns. I am grateful to the designers for allowing me to knit my version of their stuff - letting me bask a bit in the glow of compliments for the things I make. You know - you all do the same thing, too.

Much of my handicrafting is done for others . . . I made myself a sweater - and a scarf or two, but just about everything else is given away at some point in time. I either make it specifically for a person, or eventually a person is found by the object.

Sometimes I knit for charity events or ongoing charity projects. And, this is where I get a bit stumped and feeling my need to rant a bit . . . we have to ask the designer if it is okay to use his/her design for a charity project? Not, mind you, a project where said knitted piece will be SOLD, but a project where the piece is simply given to someone?????

Isn’t it just the same as my making a scarf, sweater, or socks for someone and then gifting said items to a loved one? Do I need to ask a designer’s permission to do that? Is it okay if I gift just once, but do I have to ask permission if I make the object more than once and gift it again (and again and again?)

Seriously . . . I am asking here. What say you all?

* I was reading a post over in Knitting Daily and came across a charity project with the following disclaimer: Size, color, pattern are all up to the knitter/crocheter, however, we do like to remind you that you must honor copyrights, so if you’re using a pattern with a copyright it’s wise to ask permission to make it for charity . . . I’ve never been told I couldn’t . . . but I still ask. The project in question was scarves for cancer patients - they would be GIVEN to the patients, not sold to make moneyh for anything.

I just find it interesting, is all I’m saying.

Olympic Fever

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

So . . . we are into day what? 14 of the Olympics? Well, day 15 if you’re on China time, I guess. It has been a whirlwind of ups and downs . . . the agony of defeat for some and the joy of winning for others.

This is not an olympic blog and I’m sure you are up to your eye teeth in the whole thing, too, so I’ll not bore you with any of my thoughtful drivel on it.

However, I would like to say that I have been in awe of many of the athletes - and have thoroughly enjoyed some of the events I have seen. Over the weekend I found myself on the edge of my seat bouncing up and down as the rowing events took place. Holy cow! That is some exciting stuff, I’ll tell ya.

We have a group or two in the Kenai Peninsula Borough area who row - and I wrote to one woman I know and told her that I was immensely surprised at my own reaction to seeing it on tv this year. She laughed at me. That’s okay.

There have been awesome victories - and some of those came from people who did NOT place first in their chosen sport. One of those is Natalie Du Toit . . . who finished 16th in the 10K open water swimming event. She didn’t finish where she had hoped, but she made history by competing . . .

Du Toit didn’t finish where she wanted. Not even close.

But just making it to Beijing was a huge victory for anyone who’s ever faced a disability.

In her honor and for the other swimmers in the various events, here is a knitted dishcloth pattern. Nope, the suit doesn’t look anything like ANY of the olympic suits . . . smile . . . but you get the idea. The pattern is ©Designed by Rachel van Schie and the photo is from her site. I think it is a perfect match.

Enjoy the rest of the games, friends. I am going to head on up to the big city tomorrow after a dental appointment. My sister-friend and I have some olympic sized yakking to catch up on in a very short time.

See you all on the flip side!

tis the season

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

no, not THAT season . . . it’s MOOSE season - if you hunt with a bow, that is.

Our neighbor is all about moose hunting. He goes out with several of his buddies every year - usually gets one in bow season and one later in shooting season. Last year he was not very blessed with moose meat.

But tonight when I got home from Wednesday night Bible study I found this in his driveway:

What’s that you say? You can’t quite tell what is in the trailer?

How about this?
Yeppers, that’s a mighty fine rack lying there in the trailer. Nope, I have no clue how big the moose was that carried the rack - by now it is hung and quartered and waiting for the butcher to finish the cutting and wrapping. They’ll likely let it hang overnight before doing all that, though. There will be some mighty fine eating in that house this winter.

Their family is a bit smaller this winter - the two older girls have both graduated high school now and I understand they are going away to college together - away means probably Anchorage and University of Alaska Anchorage campus. I’m not really sure.

Mama will likely package up and send moose packets with the girls.

Knitting? You want knitting, too? lol - of course you do . . .

Here is a moose dish cloth - well, it looks more like a caribou, but it’s the closest I can find. I’ve made a couple of these to give away. Alaskans see caribou and the woman who designed this cloth admits that she doesn’t/didn’t know what a moose looked like - maybe the pics of the rack will get her closer. What do you think?


Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

That sound . . . that slightest of whispers . . . no, that loudest of gleeful yells . . . do you hear what I hear?

A song, a song, (etc.)

Yup - it’s the first day of school on the Kenai Peninsula and all the mamas and daddies are heaving great huge sighs of relief.

That OTHER sound you hear is of the older youngsters - the ones who have been in school for many a year - groaning at the thought of early mornings and boring lectures and, need we add, HOMEWORK!

School days, school days, good old golden rule days
reading and writing and ‘rithmetic
teachers weilding a hickory stick (lol - like that even happens anymore)

Nevertheless, six of the grandchildren will toddle off to school today - two (how did THAT happen?) will be enrolled at the high school - one a freshman and the other a junior (I am MUCH too young to have grandchildren that close to adulthood, I tell you!). One is in his first year at middle school (not quite sure how THAT happened, either) and three at the elementary school (two in fourth grade and one in second).

The littlest guy doesn’t start pre-school for another couple of weeks, I think. He’ll miss his brothers and sisters - for, oh, about an hour . . . until he realizes he has his mama and daddy all to his little self again. Yup, that’s when the smiles will come out big time.

It’ll be a bit quieter at the shelter - with the kids off to school we won’t hear the laughter - and tears - through the walls so much. It’ll be busy each morning as various buses and cabs pick them up and then each afternoon as they return from school. It can be very noisy at those times. ;) Good, healthy noise.

In honor of the first day of school - and in honor of the many teachers who give countless, tireless, hours to your kids and my grandkids . . . I give you this dish cloth pattern:

the knitted apple cloth. Now, go forth and knit, friends. ;)

these were done by the moderator of the dish cloth ravelry group - great colors, huh?

Into every life . . .

Monday, August 18th, 2008

A little rain must fall . . . but with that rain comes a rainbow if you are blessed to see it. This is a shot from the front door Sunday. We’d been having hints of rain all day, but it was mostly dry. We’d noticed heavy cloud activity across from us to the east/southeast, but still no rain to speak of.

Then I looked up from my work and spotted a gorgeous rainbow. I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but you can trust me (hmmmm, where have we heard THOSE words before? political season, anyone?) that the colors were vibrant and gorgeous.

AND, the bow stretched across the whole sky so we saw “beginning and end”.

Ten minutes later the clouds had rolled away, the sky was more blue than gray, and the rainbow had disappeared. Sometimes you just hope you have seen what you thought you had seen. Especially when the pictures don’t do it justice.

As we lament the passing of the rainbow and look forward to SCHOOL starting tomorrow (EEEK!) sometimes it is just plain fun to remember what it was like parenting teens. I know, I know . . . it has been a LONG time since I have parented teens - so long, in fact, that now it is LESSA’s turn! And, whoo, boy - she has her hands full. A junior and a freshman in high school this year . . . with the Pup waiting in the wings, testing her wings, and chomping at the teenaged bit. (Relax, Lessa, that one still has a few/couple years until SHE’s a raging hormonal flux teenager - bwahahaha)

Knitting-wise . . . I’ve been busy at work and have been watching the Olympics at home, all the while attempting to rest my hands that go numb at the drop of a needle - but I did finish edging the last Share-a-Square afghan and have finished the bag to go with it. They should go into the mail Tuesday, Miss Shelly!

So, I am off and outta here - you all have a wonderful day - and look for those rainbows, okay?

Two for the price of one

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Admittedly, I am NOT one to follow fashion. Sometimes that is a GOOD thing. Reading this article today about the best of the worst fashion fads only to discover that the poncho AND the shrug are no-nos. A quick look for patterns to share with you found the one pictured here which is listed as a poncho-shrug. So, two for the price of one.

The author of the snarky piece about the best of the worst says to make a commitment and wear a shawl or sweater or nothing, but for heaven’s sake, forget the shrug. lol poor fella - for it could only be a fella who wrote such drivel, huh?

There are times when it is ONLY my arms that are cold - when I am sitting at my computer, when I am watching tv while knitting or crocheting - when I am paying bills (WAIT! I am cold ALL OVER when I am paying bills hahaha) - and I don’t want a WHOLE sweater or to cover up with an afghan because then I would be TOO HOT!

Hmmmm - menopause might have something to do with all that.


At any rate, while the article shows several fads I am glad we no longer suffer through (can anyone say GIGANTIC shoulder pads - or - shiver - MULLET???) I still think ponchos look cute on little girls and shrugs are great for an evening of tv shivering on a cold-ish Alaskan evening.

How about you? What is the ONE thing you HATE to see someone wearing - whether hand knit or store bought? Comment below.

Knitting for Safe Sex

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Yes, I said the word . . . or rather, I typed the word . . . SEX - and added Safety to it - and added Knitting to it, too. What do these all have in common?

Read the story at A Little Red Hen.

You see, I have grandchildren who are getting to THAT age (gasp!). You know the age to which I’m referring . . . the age of dating (again with the GASP!) and seeking their mates - finding their own way in the world. I want them to be S.A.F.E.! So, I was excited - well, that might not be the right word - but, still I was excited to find a page with something I could knit for the Girl to carry with her - AND - for the Boy’s (future . . . please let it be future) girlfriend to carry with HER when they do go out.

It’s a simply knit “Condom amulet” to be worn - holding one or a few condoms. There are a few patterns . . . Corn Silk Condom Amulet, Ball Band Cotton Condom Keychain Amulet, bra and breast pouch amulets, and some others.

But as you read the information on the above site . . . you’ll see that it is not just the young folk who are at risk for HIV and other diseases. Women in their later years - who’ve been out of the dating scene for awhile - don’t often think of using condoms for safety. After all, condoms are for helping guard against pregnancy, right?

Right . . . AND, they help prevent HIV, Aids, and other diseases. Read HIV Wisdom for Older Women and learn why it’s important.

After you know the importance, why not make a fashion statement? Knit up several of these amulets and then fill them to wear on those important dates. In this day and age, YOU need to be pro-active in protecting yourself.

The Boy? The Girl? Nana is going to be making some of these - you take care! Love ya!

You big boobie!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

You big boobie . . . it used to be a taunt of us kids, one against another . . . and the adults used to laugh and laugh and laugh - and we had no idea WHY they were laughing . . . until we were older ourselves and realized what we were saying in THEIR eyes.

Boobies . . . we all got ‘em.

Boobies . . . used to make me blush to say the word once I knew what I was saying and what it made others think about when I said it.

BREASTs is how I taught my daughters to say the word - it’s not tits or boobs or boobies - the word is breasts. We call our body parts by their proper names.

And, so I sit here to tell you about boobies . . . yup, I can say the word now and not blush (too much) and I can talk about one of my favorite, pet, projects . . . breast cancer awareness.

My mom’s sister - Aunt Mickey - died of breast cancer in 1972. My mom’s other sister’s daughter (my cousin) Marsha died of breast cancer a few years ago.

I don’t want my daughters to join them - I don’t want to join them - before our time (whatever THAT means). And, so I fight to help eradicate breast cancer.

Several years ago I took part in the Pony Express (motorcycle) Tour for Breast Cancer - flying out to Montana, borrowing a motorcycle (later wrecking it - sigh!) and riding a leg in the tour, after having raised over $2000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

I’ve supported various fundraising efforts to get the word out - or to help someone who has the disease.

I’ve been an advocate of breast health self-care . . . do YOU perform a monthly bse? (breast self exam) Do YOU see your doctor on a yearly (at least) basis to have him/her perform a more thorough breast exam? Do YOU have your mammogram each year?


And, friends, don’t think that just because you’re a GUY, you can’t get breast cancer . . . because you can. So, you need to do the same things . . . although that mammogram might REALLY hurt you!

But, this is a knitting blog, right? So, I have LINKS for you -

The Knitting Experience Cafe is holding a Boob-a-thon. Go over and read all about it.

Do you wanna make one/some of the boobies????
Lactation Consultants of Great Britain has a pattern on this page.

So does Knitty.

By the way, this is not necessarily just for a fundraiser or awareness raiser (although QUITE the way to go about both), but many use these knitted boobies INSTEAD of the silicone replacements. They say they are not as hot or heavy.

Caution, however . . . don’t use wool (ouchy, scratchy, itchy, HOT) - instead use one of the softer cottons.

Go for it, friends . . . be a boobie (maker) and make your mark on the word. THAT’s where (t)its at, you know!

Your Ex is full of WHAT?!!?

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Typical night of web browsing for me . . . click here, follow a link there . . . HEY! How did I get HERE? Yeah, that kinda night.

I was over at and found a question from someone wanting to know what to knit her sister (in-law?) who was going through a divorce. Lots of suggestions were bandied about from making her a prayer shawl to keep her wrapped in love during the tough times . . . to a bag in the shape of her ex.

Links were posted to a contest (now over, dratitall!) called My Ex is Full of Knit!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, me, oh, my! I love the play on words - you’ll, maybe, love the play on hubby’s likeness:
The winner was chosen - Barf Bag - Oh, I could do so much with this - if I were more rested, but it’s bedtime and I’m NOT rested. Nevertheless, here is the picture:
Go on over to the page and check out some of the other entries. Snark rules!

You might check out the rest of the store, too . . . there are some free patterns availalbe for purchase and download. There are some really interesting things for both knit and crochet - AND - for free or to purchase.

My Ex is availalbe as a download (pdf) for only $1. Sure can’t beat that price in an alley, cat! (ba-da-bum-bum! Swish!)

And . . . if you’re feeling LUCKY (do ya, punk? huh?) or just want to help someone reach a goal, check out the Mega Knits raffle and help send someone off to fulfill a missionary dream. The yarns available as prizes are YUMMY looking - erm . . . kindly disregard this post . . . I’m thinking of donating and, thus, entering . . . maybe I don’t want to share! Nahhhhhhhhhh - just kidding - go on over and ENTER!

thank ya, thank ya very much!

Arthritis? Carpal Tunnel?

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur in people of any age, but it most often occurs in people 50 or older. The condition occurs more commonly in women than in men. Younger people, usually men between the ages of 20 and 40, sometimes develop carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of stressful activity that involves heavy use of the wrist and the heel of the hand.

Dr. Donnica says limit or lay off the things that make your hands ache, tingle, go to sleep. Sigh.

Since I’ve begun knitting more I’ve noticed that the numbness and tingling in my hands and forearms hve increased dramatically. Now it is beginning to affect my sleep as well. Last night I was only able to stay in bed a couple of hours and then I got up to sleep upright in my chair. The sensation was lessened, but I still did not sleep well.

I’ve been told by a couple of doctors that I have carpal tunnel syndrome - and they have both suggested the need for surgery eventually. My youngest daughter suggested splints to wear to bed - and I will likely look for them while shopping this week . . . if I remember to add them to my list. (ha! senior moments rule!)

To add to this misery - my job consists of a LOT of computer time - actually my last 20-25 years of work has consisted of computer time. Of course, I also spend time on the computer either here or my own site or Ravelry.

What’s a gal to do? I make my livelihood doing the one thing and I thoroughly enjoy doing the other.

It’s hard to know what to do.

I checked out some web sites:
Here’s a article about the subject.

and a Discuss Crafts article.

I just may try these
. Lord knows that $80 is a lot cheaper than surgery - and worth a whole lot more for peace of mind.

I’ll try to make up my mind to see what is best for me. In the meantime - you all take care of YOUR hands and wrists and such - while I go out and try to “wake mine up.” ;/

Two days away . . . 8-8-08

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

The hype is getting hyper - the ads are getting weirder (get up early - lots of athletes showing their sport - and then talking about chicken for breakfast?!!!) and the bicyclists are taking it on the chin for wearing masks while they practice . . . can only mean one thing . . . yup, it’s closing in on the start of the Olympics.

Days and days of people who hardly ever leave their chairs in front of the tube watching ATHLETES with all capital letters working their stuff. Cheering them on. Maybe, just maybe getting inspired to go out and improve their own lots - that is, getting up and off the couch.

Meanwhile over on Ravelry the ravelympics (loosely based on the Yarn Harlot’s 2006 Knitting Olympics) are gearing up with many different teams choosing their patterns, buying the yarn, and getting ready to hunker down during opening ceremonies to begin their chosen projects, intending to work on those projects (and those projects alone) straight through each event to the closing ceremonies. The hope, of course, is that their project will be complete at the end of the closing ceremonies - and that it will FIT the intended recipient - and that it will LOOK GOOD! (or at least presentable)

Nope, I haven’t succumbed. I will be working as usual during the olympics and will be blessed to get to see any of the events I would like to see. Remember, we are in Alaska - and that means many of the events we would like to see (if it is anything like the winter olympics were) will be shown late at night or during my normal work day. Sigh.

And, nope, no tivo here - ah well. I will read all about it in the newspapers and online.

I’ll also watch to see what the ravelympians come up with during that time.

Of course, I could work on the second Share a Square afghan Shelly sent for me to piece together. I finished the first one a week or so ago - and NEED to get that second one pieced together. The pic there to the left is of the bags I knitted to send with some of the 140 afghans Shelly and crew took to Camp Sanguinity. Pretty colorful, huh? Hope the kiddos enjoyed them. I am making bags to go with the two afghans and will send them along when I send this box off to Shelly.

And, dish cloths . . . don’t forget the dish cloths . . . I can’t seem to stop making them!

;) life is good.

About Knitting Passion

Is knitting really a passion? On THIS blog it is - for all who come here. Blog entries will be made up of patterns, photos of in-progress or completed work - off the wall discussions about whatever tickles the author's fancy (Survivor Knitting anyone?). This can be as much YOUR blog as it is the current author's. Questions will be entertained and answers sought diligently. Comments are always welcome - and information ALWAYS appreciated. Will there be stories and pictures of the stash of yarn or the duplicated knitting needles? Will there be more off the wall ideas for knitting? Will there be original patterns or freebies cited? Only the dark of night and the author's amount of caffeine or sleep can determine that.

Ready? ONE - TWO - GET SET - KNIT!

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    I like shitty comics. Not all shitty comics, mind you, but I'm the proud owner of many an issues of comics that are rarely seen outside of a quarter bin in a comics shop. The funny thing is that some [...]
  • Contest Update: Now You Don't Have An Excuse
    It's come to my attention recently by a Mr. Poe Ghostal that if you donate for Toys For Tots online you get an email receipt that doesn't give any personal information away (except for your name [...]
  • Come With This Bear if You Want to Live
    In the coming months and weeks you'll be seeing a lot more coverage of Terminator toys here at Toy Bender, because frankly I'm a Terminator freak. One interesting addition to the Terminator in toy [...]
  • Amanda Waller and Some Ranting
    Fans of the Justice League Unlimited series of figures sold exclusively at Target might be pleased to learn that they will have the chance to own an Amanda Waller figure in the future. While she [...]

Hot Off The Press

  • ECW "Spoilers" Tonight 1-6-09
    WWE taped this week's edition of ECW on Sci-Fi at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. Special thanks to Wrestling News World reader Joey Amadeo for sending text-message updates. If [...]
  • Work and a Toddler?
    I realized that I have been neglecting to look at a very important aspect of raising a toddler: working. I have the immense privilege to stay home with my kids. We make financial sacrifices to [...]
  • Is TR Knight Staying on Grey’s?
    Now this is certainly interesting news. Before the holidays it was widely reported that TR Knight had asked to be let out of the remainder of his seven year contract with Grey’s Anatomy. Sources [...]
  • Shazam..The Rock..NOT Happening!!, Rhino All ACTION; VERY little Talk reports that the movie Shazam who's going to star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is an NO WAY HOOO SAYYY in happening. You can read the whole article HERE>>>>> -The Miami Herald [...]
  • Keith Urban Ready to Tour
    Keith Urban will be releasing his newest CD in just a matter of months, which as everyone knows means he'll also be going on tour. So what's that mean for the little happy family?  Well either [...]
  • Center launches online index to measure travel, tourism
    Arizona State University's Megapolitan Tourism Research Center has launched the Sun Corridor Tourism Barometer, a new online index to measure the health of the travel and tourism industry.The [...]
  • The "State of Play" Movie Trailer with Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe
    This tense thriller is based on the popular BBC mini-series of the same title. The film follows a team of investigative reporters who work alongside a police detective to try to solve the murder [...]
  • Cigarette Smoke Lingers and May Harm Crawling Babies
    That has to be one of the more literal titles I've used in a while... Back in high school, I had a friend that smoked and lived with parents that smoked. She stank -- so much so that my dad would [...]
  • How far do you go to be Green?
    Recycle, reduce and reuse are the hallmarks of the "Green Living" lifestyle and ecoists. There are many useful and easy to embrace ideas in going "Green". Such as recycling paper, metals, [...]
  • Special Edition and Seasonal Celebration Coffee Creamers
    Last week I noticed some Special Edition, Limited Edition, and Seasonal Celebration coffee creamers in Dominicks. There were two different brands with special/limited edition coffee creamers and [...]