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So you think you . . .

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

are the queen of stashes? Ohhhhhhhh no, my friend, I seriously think not! Check out Squitchinglady’s stash - of yarns - oh, me oh, my . . . I am lusting a wee bit over the tote of sock yarns. Yummy!!!

She’s also got a nice stash of crafty projects material stashed!

In the yarn stash post she also shows her husband’s complusion - lego toys! And, I thought my grandboys had a large supply! Mercy me!

I do love her finished object - an Amiguri - complete with pink sweater and froggie buttons. Veddy cute.

is it not the cutest?

I found Donna through Ravelry. Do go over and drop her a note - she has fibromyalgia and is in quite a bit of pain right now. Your cheery comments could help her day go a lot better.
. . . So you think you can Dance

I love music - I love rhythm - I love dance - I tell my hubby (who likes none of the same, btw) that it is something that has to be felt in the SOUL of a person. I think anyone can appreciate beauty of these things, but to LOVE them, that appreciation must be soul deep.

Agree? Disagree?

It matters not - it’s all subjective, I guess.

But, I must say that I am enjoying the new season of So You Think You Can Dance. The choreography is (mostly) stunning and the interpretation of it by the dancers is (mostly) spot on (as my British friends would say). I thoroughly enjoyed the Broadway piece and the Viennese Waltz tonight.

Saying that - I must admit that I called Lessa to find out what in the world was bothering me about the faces of a couple of the guys - she confirmed my suspicion that they “manscape”, that is, they wax those errant eyebrows. So, mama learns a new word.

I would never have thought of that - except that I happened to catch an episode of Meet My Parents (or whatever it’s called) a few weeks ago and two of the guys were called out because they waxed their eyebrows. Well, one was called out about it and the other revealed his habit during one of those hidden camera segments.

Gracious! I hardly have time to shave my legs! Let alone wax my eyebrows.
And, to go with the dance theme:
Triangle Tango
so you think you can dance,
dancecececece . . . .


Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Big Hearted Folks! have been helping to make a difference in kids’ lives and making a Big(ger) Hearted Texas Woman’s dreams come true at the same time . . .

. . . that is the project that I have been involved in over the past many months. I crocheted over 100 squares for the afghans - then I helped piece together eight afghans - and then I began collecting bags for the tags from the afghans.

We are almost there, folks . . . and you have all been a HUGE help!!!

Latest bags in are from Miki:
mikifrog.JPG mikicat.JPG

soooooooo cute!!! Thanks, Miki. And, on top of the bags, Miki sent me a little gift, too:
a little purple kitty to sit on my keyboard next to the purple moosie. They look like they are getting to know each other.

There are five more bags supposed to be in the mail this week - and I knitted 10 more to make up the balance of the 70 needed. I’ll post pictures of the 5 when they arrive and mine tomorrow perhaps.

Thank you so much for the help ALL of you have been - in making and sharing the squares needed - Shelly received WAY more than needed for this project and I think we will be putting together more afghans for other children (those too ill to come to the camp, etc.) over the next months. You all helped make that happen, friends!

Thanks for helping with the bags - and, for sending yarn and $ from time to time to Shelly to help out with postage and such. I know she did not really think about how time consuming and ROOM consuming this project would be. But, I also know that she would not have changed a thing in how it was done.
You know, I actually feel like I am playing hookey this week - and, in a way I guess I am. I’ve taken a week off from work - and, while it won’t be all play, enough of it is to make me feel just a tetch guilty. I think that will pass before I have to return to my job, though. And, then it will take me a day or two to get reacclimated to the whole working for a living routine.

But one of the projects I have lined out for myself is to clean up my computer/craft room. Okay, what I actually said was that I intended to clean my house this week. That might be a pretty tall order, though, so I am setting my sights on at least getting THIS room cleaned up. If I get brave enough, I might show you before and after pics. Well, bravery isn’t really the emotion - I guess I would have to get over my embarrassment about how mussy it is in order to share pics. lol

So, we’ll see. Have a great week, everyone!

Playing Catch Up

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

So much to talk about - so little time. I know, how can that be? But I find that I either have the time to knit - or the time to write - but really, not enough time to do both some days. So, I’m (quite) a bit behind here. Seems like the 451Press peeps are pretty forgiving of me right now and I am thankful for that, but I don’t want to abuse the system, so will try to do much better.

Today is World-wide Knit in Public Day! Did you know that? I didn’t find that site soon enough to register our little group of Soldotna knitters - but then, we don’t really need an excuse to get together and knit in public.

I discovered yet another person I knew BEFORE Ravelry in today’s group. She shied away from the camera when I took the obligatory picture, though. And the other BR(before Ravelry) person I knew wasn’t there yet. The ladies you see in this picture all gave permission to post it - but I’m not going to give their names. If they want to add them via comments that is cool with me.

solkntrs1.JPG Don’t they make a lovely group of knitters? Many others coming into Mugz also thought so as they stopped to admire the various works in progress and to ask questions. We invited several to join us in future meet-ups. We may have to move a couple of tables together next time.

b4aftr.JPG Several of the ladies are taking part in the Rockin’ Sock KAL (knit along) and today we had a glimpse of the current pattern - one pair of socks finished and on foot, the other pair almost finished and still on needles. Nice work, ladies. Beautiful socks. The Raveler wearing her socks said she loves them - they are super comfortable. They are lovely, too!


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

piggyknits.jpg I’ve been tagged by Miss Piggy! She has up and tagged me for a me-me. Soooooooooooo - here we go:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago (1998)?
Oh, my goodness! I’m not always sure what I did ten MINUTES ago, let alone ten years ago. Let’s see . . . 1998 - I am positive I was making gooshy gramma faces to the grandbabies - or tickling their toes - or chasing them around the yard through the sprinkler - yup, I’m a gramma deep, deep down at heart.

2. 5 Things on todays “to do” lis:
well, the day is drawing to a close, but you’ll be reading this Wednesday - so, let’s see.
a) wake up and go to the pool first thing - laps
b) complete the paperwork from the class I co-facilitate on Tuesday night -
c) complete May’s stats
d) complete my portion of a grant for work
e) cover the desk for the receptionist so she can have some personal time in the afternoon.

then, an added f) come home, fix dinner, and try to get some knitting done. ;)

3. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:
a) give back to the Lord what He had graciously given to me
b) pay off both daughter’s and our houses
c) set up education funds for the 7 grandkiddos
d) buy two new cars - probably Saturns ;)
e) invest for the future!!!! (cos I’m not getting any younger, friends!)

4. 3 Bad Habits
WHOSE bad habits? Moi? Nahhhhhhhhhh
oh, wait . . . I guess that is number 1) not seeing my own faults - even when those close to me tell me what they are. ;)
2) I tend to put myself down and not see my true worth (ooooh - inner reflection!)
3) Like Ms. Piggy - I eat when I’m not necessarily hungry

5. 5 Places I’ve lived
okay, this is a little harder - I’ve only lived in two towns and two states in my 58 years: so, going backwards:
a) Kenai, Alaska - we’ve been in this house 29 years
b) Cannery Road - SeaCatch fish processing plant. Stayed there our first 9 months in Alaska
c) far east side Columbus Ohio - bought a house there after my Mom died - getting away from the lower west side with all the familial memories and pathos.
d) west side Columbus Ohio - little pink house we bought before youngest daughter was born
e) upper half of a duplex on west side Columbus Ohio - moved there 6 months after we got married - had oldest daughter while we lived there - crazy downstairs neighbor.

6. 5 jobs I’ve had
Education & Training Coordinator
co-facilitator Batterers Intervention Program
Volunteer Coordinator
pre-school teacher
and, number SIX - da bestest gramma in the world (to my grandbabies!)

I will skip the tagging - if you’d like to do this, please comment and let me know you’ve done so.

Thanks, Ms. Piggy - it was fun.


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

goodkid.JPG The latest of the bags for Shelly’s dream - I rediscovered this material Saturday - it was in a bag of scraps. The wording is “I’m a Good Kid” - just how appropriate is that?

The bags I made are all different sizes - the material had been cut out for a child’s pair of pants, I think. So I had to cut around and out and about and try to come up with rectangles to work. Got 12 bags out of the material, so not too bad. Sewed them by hand because my machine is not working - finished them off with yarn cords and beads.

50bags.JPG So - count to date of the various and sundry bags: 50 - with two more (that I know of) en route, and I think a few more promised. We are, as far as I can tell, 18 shy of the goal of 70 . . so if you’ve been sitting on some bags and haven’t contacted me to send them on, now’s your (last) chance. Drop me a note at prplmoose AT kenaiwriter DOT net. We are getting close to the end of this project - Shelly will soon have her guest bedroom back - and 140 kids will be blessed by the goodness of a whole lotta people’s hearts.

Here’s the breakdown of the ones you see pictured: 5 from Noriko, 2 from JoJo, 5 from Keiko, 8 from Kate, 12 that I made, and 18 that someone (sorry, I’ve forgotten who) sent to Shelly and Shelly sent to me and I decorated with beads.

I thank you all who have joined in the effort. There was no effort too small - no sharing too little - no love too tiny - you ALL made and are making a difference.

In yarn news . . . after having coffee with friends on Saturday I visited the LYS and bought 2 skeins of sock yarn for Mommy and Me socks. One of my friends (Ms. S - and thanks, Shelly for pointing out the funny about my friends’ names - Ms. B and Ms. S - hahahahaha) has a friend who is welcoming a new baby into the family. (I think this is a grandbaby, but I’m not sure) and wanted to know how much I would charge to make a pair of Mommy and Me socks.

Well, as any of you who craft (knit, crochet, sew, etc) know, that is a tough question. How do you put a dollar figure on time and love. You can’t. So, I let her know tonight how much the yarn cost. Ms. B suggested a gift certificate from the LYS - so, friend is thinking on that as well.

To be honest - it would be my pleasure to make it a gift. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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