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Friday Tid-bits

Friday, June 8th, 2007

What to write about?

Lessa and I are headed to Homer, Alaska today for the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference, with keynote speaker Amy Tan. Lessa and I are both looking forward to getting away for a bit - we ejoy each other’s company (always nice in a mother-daughter combo - and especially nice since we will be bunking together for the next few nights - heh)

Homer is a quiet little hamlet by the sea - well, usually, but it IS closing in on summer now and the tourists are coming strong. Also, all of the folks who live in our area or in Anchorage who like to fish out of the Homer harbor are beginning to put their boats into the water and playing.

It is summer in Alaska.

but . . . let’s get back to the knitting front, shall we?

I was dinking around through a knitting news site and found an article that just climbed right into my brain and wouldn’t let go - even though the article is about crochet, not knitting. It is about a woman who lives in Coshocton, Ohio, which is a town that my mother lived in at one point in her life. It’s near where I grew up, too.

The story is about Esther Rine, who carries on a craft taught to her by her grandmother when she was seven years old - crocheting rag rugs. This is cool to me because I also learned to crochet early (4 years old) and was taught to make rag rugs by my grandmother (the one who lived in Coshocton while my mother was young)

Ms. Rine also makes children’s clothing and gives them to her church and missions. Her rugs are now being sold on ebay thanks to the work of a friend. Very cool, I’m thinking.

And, for your weekend pleasure - a free pattern to use for Knitting in Public Day (the 9th). This is a darling cap with “heart shaped lace detailing” from Knit Whits. Poifect!

And, with that I am out of here until Monday where I will be writing to you from beautiful downtown Homer, Alaska. Perhaps I’ll have a picture to share!

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Always Learning

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Let’s face it - if we’re not learning, we are stagnant. If we’re stagnant, we begin to smell. So, it’s a GOOD thing to look for new (old) ways to do thing - how-to’s - better ways. Or maybe just refresh our minds with something we once knew and forgot because we didn’t practice.

See yourself in any of those things? Yeah, me, too.

So . . . off to visit Annie at annie modesitt dot com where you can find easy to understand instructions on everything from how to increase, to decrease, to making invisible seams. And, there are graphics!!

This is a really good find. I have been wanting to “make” stitches in a better way than I had been taught (which is to knit in the front and then the back of the next stitch - which is fine, but it leaves an annoying bar like a purl in the middle of a knit row) and, sure enough - there it is.

Never too late to learn something - and I am one in the line to prove the point, I guess.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday. Hello to Jummy! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for joining me in knitting in public this weekend. ;) (by the way - do your pronounce your screen name “Yummy” that’s how I have been saying it in my mind - but just wondering.)

Yours is a great find for Moms whose kids are already getting bored with school being out! Lots of neat things to do and try. Very cool!

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In Public?! Gasp!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Ah, facetious one, aren’t we?

While perusing news items - yes, there are newsy items about knitting - I came across the upcoming World-Wide Knit in Public Day. AND, there is even one group set to participate way up here in the hinterlands of Alaska - in Anchorage - this Saturday. Sadly, I will be on the other end of southcentral in Homer for a writers conference.

But, I will have my knitting with me - and I will likely be knitting in public. Little has stopped me to date. I have knitted during meetings, choir concerts, band concerts, on planes, in cars, etc., etc., etc.

Okay, I probably will NOT be knitting while in the various seminars during the conference, (I mean, really, people - Amy Tan is the keynote speaker!) but there will be lots of other times when I can pull out the sticks and knit (and purl) away.

Unofficially, official, that’s me. Won’t you join us?

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WiP Weirdness

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

So - I’m getting there on the baby sweater. I’m ready now to attach the sleeves and then it will just be the neck that needs to be completed and it is finished!

Odd thing about the sleeves, though. And, I think this is the first that I have ever seen this in self patterning yarn. I had the first sleeve finished and it patterned exactly the same way as the sweater body. So far so good, right?

Not so.

I started the second sleeve by using the last skein of yarn. I knew there was not enough yarn on the other skein, so wanted to make sure I did not have to tie on yarn somewhere in the middle. Thus the new skein.

Began pulling out from the middle to find the right color path - and kept pulling and kept pulling and kept pulling. It finally hit me why I cound not find the right spot to begin the sleeve - this skein had been wound backwards! Yup - backwards!

When I held the yarn the other way I could plainly see the color path I was seeking - so there was nothing else to do - but wind it into a ball - from the inside out - and then begin properly.

There! Mystery solved and second sleeve is now completed. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Not sure if I will get it finished Tuesday or not. Hubby has been working away from home since Friday and will be back Tuesday. It may be a bit too hectic what with getting to know each other all over again - lol, okay, I’m (slightly) kidding - but this is a first for us. He has been actually working right across the street from where I work, but his job has not allowed him access to leave the property - he’s been working as a house parent for five troubled youth while the regular person took a bit of a vacation. It was a first for him and he is sounding quite ready to come home to where he can sit in his armchair and lax out while I cook for him.

He has complained several times about the lumpy bed he’s had to sleep on - so I know that he is missing our bed.


Probably - good Tuesday to you all!

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More fun things

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Wow! Check out these bowls and mugs! by Jennie the Potter who is also a knitter.

And, focusing on politics for a moment - who says knitting and politics don’t mix? - if you happen to be of the democrat persuasion you might check out Knit Blue. It seems to be a mixture of knitting with blue yarn and either disparaging democrats they dislike (or the actions of democrats whom they otherwise like) as well as republicans or “Christian right” activities. Interesting for me only as far as the knitting with blue yarns goes, I’m afraid.

But - all is fair in love and war, so go for it if you are of that persuasion. ‘kay? ‘kay!

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Doing what I do best

Friday, June 1st, 2007

clicking link after link until I can no longer remember how I got where I ended up. It’s a GOOD day when I remember to bookmark a site I actually enjoyed.

One such is Modeknit, which I just found today, sadly.

What is more sad? She is in my growing up home town of Columbus, Ohio tonight and through the weekend teaching classes at The National Needle Arts show. And, here I am waaaayyyyyyyyyyy up here in Alaska. Poot! Especially “poot” because her luggage was lost (since has been found) and she paid a shocking amount of money for toothpaste and such. With a friend in the area she could have gotten some on the cheap or free.

I still have friends back there, so left a note on her blog entry telling her to contact me if she wanted me to get someone involved.

It’s too bad that I am up here - when that is going on down there. But, being the realist that I am, I know that I would probably not be in the same head space down there that I am up here. Who knows if I would be knitting if I lived there still?

silly question . . . of COURSE I would still be knitting. THAT part of my life would not have changed. Some other things might have, but not that one - right? Right!

Anyway - hubby goes to work at 11 today (Friday) and will not be home until sometime after noon Tuesday. This is a first stint at the 24 hour work for him and it remains to be seen if it will be the last.
It’s a house-parent type situation at a place for troubled teens. Five young men - and hubby. Oh, to be a little fly on the wall. Yup, yup, yup.

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how MANY tags can I think of for this entry. hahahaha

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